Dexshell Cold Weather Waterproof Socks


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Thermolite Socks Waterproof Breathable Windproof

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These are very high quality socks that have been tried and tested to meet our high Timberline standards. They will definitely keep your feet warm and dry in very harsh conditions.  Designed with a membrane to resistant outside water penetration, while at the same time allowing inside moisture to escape.

Three layer construction:

  • Durable windproof outer layer
  • Waterproof mid layer that’s still breathable
  • Soft comfortable inner layer of merino wool

Working outdoors often bring unexpected challenges and therefore it is essential that you not only have the required skills but also high-quality gear.  Sometimes just having comfortable feet make the biggest difference between a good day and a bad day. These premium socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and blister-free. The construction of these socks utilize a membrane that prevents water from penetrating though while allowing water vapor and sweat to escape.

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