One sharpener is compatible with all five carbide sizes.

The carbide size required is determined by the chain pitch which is usually labeled on the chain saw bar near the motor and sometimes imprinted on the chain itself. This number will be .404, 3/8, .325, 3/8P, or 1/4.

  • 3/8″ and .404″ pitch chain                                            =  Large  7/32″  
  • 3/8″ pitch chain                                                              =  Large  7/32″  
  • “Stihl” brand 3/8″ pitch chain                                    =  Large  13/64″
  • .325″ pitch chain                                                               = Medium  3/16″
  • 3/8″ Low Profile (LP, Picco, micro, mini)                   = Small  5/32″
  • 1/4″ pitch chain                                                              = Extra Small 1/8″


Inches = mm
7/32″   =  5.5 mm
13/64″ =  5.1 mm
3/16″   =  4.8 mm
5/32″   =  4.0 mm
1/8″     =  3.2 mm

A Note About the Large 3/8 pitch

This is where people usually get confused. If you have the large 3/8” pitch chain you will need the 7/32” carbide cutter. UNLESS the brand of that large 3/8” pitch chain is Stihl. For whatever reason Stihl makes their large 3/8” pitch chains slightly smaller than the rest of the industry (we are talking slight, as in 1/64”). This is why the manufacture recommends the 13/64” size file.

For all other size pitch’s (Stihl, Oregon etc) it doesn’t matter what brand the chain is. So a .404 pitch chain it will always be 7/32 carbide cutter. The .325 pitch chain will always be a 3/16” carbide cutter. The smaller 3/8”P pitch (Picco or micro or LP =Low Profile) will still be a 5/32. The 1/4 pitch will still be the 1/8 carbide cutter.


Made of tungsten carbide. Designed specifically for the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener. Ask any machinist and they will tell you tungsten carbide is extremely tough and durable and will outlast any hardened steel file period. Because of its durability, it is difficult to claim an exact lifespan. However, much testing and customer feedback allows us to confidently claim a minimum of 40+ sharpenings. Users may very well exceed 100+ sharpenings with careful use by not binding the carbide cutter, by always spinning clockwise, and by following the Instructions and reading our Tips and Tricks.

It is recommended to sharpen the chain often instead of waiting until it is extremely dull. This will make sharpening even faster with a quick touch up while reducing wear on both the carbide cutter and the chain itself.