firebiner Summary

Everyday Carry Firebiner

Product Highlights

  1. Everspark fire wheel: easily throw sparks and get your tinder ablaze; replaceable ferro rod.
  2. Safety utility blade: cut cord, fishing line, seatbelt, etc
  3. Titanium coated stainless steel body: strong, reliable, corrosion resistant.
  4. Weight 1oz: light weight; pack it everywhere.
  5. Flathead screwdriver tip for those slotted moments.
  6. Hang slots: keys, gear,tinder vial;get creative.
  7. Rated for 100 lbs: for gear only, not for people.
  8. Bottle opener: pop…fizz..happiness.
  9. Stainless steel wire gate; great strength & spring.
  10. Ferro rod may be replenished by unscrewing and carefully removing the set screw & spring (Take care, it’s spring loaded).

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